In March 1973, a group of men and women met for 3 days at the Conference Room of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. They talked about their research results and concepts. They shared views about their work and the development of their profession in Nigeria.  This was during the First International Symposium on Animal Production in the Tropics held at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria involving Animal Scientists and stakeholders in the Universities, Research Institutes, Government Agencies etc. 

Some of the participants at this Symposium were old, while some were young, very young – even students. They came from the North, the West and the East, from all over the country. They had colleagues who were non-Nigerians working or studying in Nigeria at the time. Together, they talked and while talking freely, the idea was born – to start a professional association to be as the Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP). Hence the Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP) was inaugurated during that Symposium. Today, more than 30 years on, with that idea having blossomed, we remember those who were there at the beginning. Those who thought and talked this into being. Already, in our Journal, we have started presenting the brief profiles of these Founding Fathers in each issue starting from the First President, Emeritus Professor V.A. Oyenuga. As time goes on, on this website, we would start presenting highlights/information on some of them, including those who were young then but have become accomplished professionals now.